Časť 8: Possessive adjectives

Posesívne adjektíva

Muž čí? Róbert -ov (M) Róbertov mobil
čia? -ova (F) Róbertova izba
čie? -ovo (N) Róbertovo auto
Žena čí? Zuzana -in (M) Zuzanin mobil
čia? -ina (F) Zuzanina izba
čie? -ino (N) Zuzanino auto



To express the relation of possessiveness or relationship to a certain person, in Slovak we use either forms of genitive (will be explained later in the A2 course), or the forms of possessive adjectives.


Possessive adjectives are formed:

  • from masculine personal nouns by adding suffixes -ov, -ova, -ovo to a word stem,
  • from feminine nouns (naming people) by adding suffixes -in, -ina, -ino to a word stem.


Carlo:            Carl-ov/-ova/-ovo

kolega:          koleg-ov/-ova/-ovo

Mária:            Mári-in/-ina/-ino


If a possessive adjective stands after the verb to be, it has the same gender as the subject of the sentence:


Čí je ten stôl?

– Ten stôl je Róbertov / Zuzanin. (M)

Čia je tá stolička?

– Tá stolička je Róbertova / Zuzanina. (F)

Čie je to auto?

– To auto je Róbertovo / Zuzanino. (N)